Friday, February 14, 2014

Mount Longonot and Some Giraffe Love


          Last Saturday, we hiked up a mountain only to find a crater at the top!   Mount Longonot is a "stratovolcano located southeast of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley of KenyaAfrica" (wikipedia).  Though not a very long hike up to the top, I found it a little challenging considering the dust and heat.  But a great hike it was....and with spectacular views! 

Here are some pictures:



In awe of the landscape.

Bibi Carina, rafiki wangu (my friend!)

Before hiking Mt. Longonot

And then today.......

we went to the "Giraffe Center," only five minutes from the compound in Karen.

Baby coming to greet me!

 Friends of the giraffes (he was a shy one).

What big eyes you have...and a tongue like sandpaper!

 The average life span of a giraffe in captivity is 28 years, while they are only expected to live about 10 years in the wild.


Two weeks of classes have been completed in Karen and in Nairobi, but now it's time to switch gears again.  Tomorrow I leave for Tanzania for a week! We will be in Arusha camping out with the Hadza, a hunter-gatherer community in north-central Tanzania.  I am excited, to say the least!  

Updates to come in a week or so. 
I hope all is well for you wherever you are in the States or internationally!

"But who am I to blow against the wind." - P. Simon

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